Talking about hats?

We can begin this section by mentionning a very popular proverb in Haiti: "Tout tan gen tet, nou espere mete chapo", correct translation "As long as we have our head we hope to wear a hat".

Back in the day, wearing a hat is like a sign of wealth, walking out under the sun and having people looking at you they might think you can't afford one. So the proverb is technically saying generally as long as we breath we should have hope.

But what makes the difference from other country is the relationship between this accessory and the social life around it without forgetting to mention the philosophy. So the question is: why do you wear a hat? 

  • Is it because of the sun?
  • Is it to match an outfit?
  • To stand out?
  • All of these reason?

Well, we would be lying to say it doesn't matter, but it's not about reflecting wealth this time but wearing one should be a choice you make to reflect something so powerful that you can't express it with word. Doesn't matter if it reflect your current mood or your personnality but it's fashion so it's a part of your shield and armor, don't be afraid to test it once in a while if it's not part of your habit and wear it proudly. 




credit photo : rotationmultimedia

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